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C# Platform Developer

If you are technically confident, competent and after a challenging and rewarding environment, we cant wait to hear from you!


dotdigital engagement cloud is a global marketing automation platform and we help some of the world’s best companies manage all their marketing workflows including email, SMS, data segmentation, and more. Our platforms process very large volumes of data and we have tens of thousands of users who rely on us every month. We have 20 years of continuous growth under our belt and we’re not stopping any time soon.
We think about and tackle scalability issues every day. We have high volumes of traffic, and we’re getting busier, so we have lots of cool problems we need you to help us solve.

We’re after an amazing developer: a problem solver and a good-code evangelist. We are looking for a top drawer software engineer who can get stuff done, both in a team and autonomously. Most of our platform is written in C# and exposure to big data and hard scaling problems would also be great.

We have a lot of data and it’s growing at a crazy rate. There is a healthy backlog of cool things we want to do with it especially from a Machine Learning perspective – predictive analytics & recommendations for example.

Lots of data + lots of features + deployed across the globe = non-stop mind-blowing scaling problems.

We use whatever tool is right for the job. For example a couple of years ago we migrated our entire platform to Azure and more recently we migrated some of our large analytical workloads to Google Cloud BigQuery.

Our tech stack includes the following and you’d be working with these every day so we are keen to see any following relevant experience in your current or recent role:

  • Visual Studio 2017
  • .NET 4.6
  • ASP.NET Webforms, MVC5, and WebAPI2
  • SQL 2017
  • NUnit/Moq
  • git
  • TeamCity
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • VSTS

Who we are

Founded in a London pub in 1999, we’ve come a long way to get here. Today, dotdigital has over 350 employees and offices across four continents. dotdigital’s easy-to-use Engagement Cloud combines powerful technology with passionate people to deliver an unbeatable service.

Engagement Cloud is an omni channel marketing platform, allowing businesses to engage with their customers through email, SMS, social media and advertising via mobile, web and chat technologies.

In our efforts to pre-empt customers’ needs, we’ve expanded far beyond the capabilities of a simple email provider. We’ve added channels, features, and integrations to our platform, year on year, until becoming a customer engagement platform with powerful omnichannel capabilities.

Whether you are a developer, customer service specialist, digital designer or marketer, dotdigital hires across a broad spectrum of skills and we never stop hiring! We have offices in London, East Croydon, Manchester and Cheltenham in the UK.

Our international locations include New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Cape Town and Minsk.


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